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Question: Can a debt collector threaten to sue me if I do not pay a debt?

Answer:  A debt collector CANNOT make any threats to file a lawsuit if they themselves are not attorneys.  If they are attorneys, they can threaten to file a lawsuit, which makes having a debt attorney on your side very important so the playing field is level.

Question: Can a debt collector call me at work and call my friends and family?

Answer: NO, they may only make a call to these people if they are making an attempt to locate your whereabouts and they CANNOT state the reason for the call.  Plus, once they have your correct contact information, they may only call you.

Question: Can a debt collector call multiple times a day and on the weekend?

Answer: Generally, if they call you more than 2-3 times per day, this can be construed as harassment.  Also, they may ONLY call between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.

Question: Can a debt collector or collection agency threaten criminal prosecution?

Answer:  NO.  Consumer debts are not criminal violations and they cannot threaten to call police or send you to jail.

Question: Can you get these people to stop making these phone calls?

Answer: YES.  Once a debt collector knows that you have hired a debt attorney in Miami or Fort Lauderdale Florida, they are not permitted to call or write you anymore; we handle all correspondence legally.




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