Stop your wages and bank accounts from being garnished!

What I have seen over the last year is that the creditors and collection agencies are much more likely to garnish a person's wages or bank account once they have a judgment against you.  It is very troublesome because they do not have to warn you when this is going to happen.  You wake up one day and try to get money from your bank account only to find it frozen and overdrawn so now you owe even more fees to your bank on top of the judgment amount.

In Florida we do have a very powerful tool to fight and stop a garnishment other than filing bankruptcy.  It is called is called the Head of Household exemption.  Basically, if you earn more than 50% of the household income, and you have dependents living with you, i.e.-children, parents, spouses, you can stop the garnishment by requesting a hearing with the judge.  Our attorneys at FCLG use this tool every day to help our clients

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